Albemarle in Top 3% of Country by Income Disparity

The always-excellent Pro Publica has used 2010 census data to determine which U.S. counties have the greatest income disparity, and Albemarle County turns out to one of the most severe cases in the nation. Of the 818 largest counties (by population), only 13 have more income inequality than Albemarle County. 97% of sampled counties have more income equality than we do.

This is measured using the Gini coefficient, a basic statistical method of measuring the inequality of distributions, in this case applied to incomes as reported in census data. One extreme would be a county in which everybody makes exactly the same amount (Loudoun County is the closest to this out of all sampled counties) and the other extreme would have the entire population with no income at all, except for one guy who receives all of the money. We are, apparently, closer to the latter.

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