Download a Sample City Ballot

Wondering who you’ll have to pick from when voting in November (or absentee beforehand)? Download a sample city ballot (PDF).  #

6 Responses to “Download a Sample City Ballot”

  • Didn’t Bandy and Long withdraw? I guess if you turn in the required petition to run, your name will appear automatically on the ballot or maybe you have to specifically request to have it removed. I don’t recall ever having this many running for Council before.

  • There’s a notice on the city web site that says “Paul E Long is no longer a candidate for City Council. The voting equipment had already been programmed when he withdrew. His name, therefore, still appears on the ballot.” No word about Bandy. Perhaps he didn’t “officially” withdraw?

  • I didn’t know Brandon Smith was running again…

  • Sean Tubbs, Charlottesville Tomorrow

    Scott Bandy is still in the race. He appeared at the City Council forum that was held last week. We’ve got the audio of it at Charlottesville Tomorrow.

  • Curious why the space between some of the names?

  • The listing of city council candidates seems very peculiar, with the admonition to “Vote for not more than three” immediately followed by three names, not identified as being Democrats. Then there’s a significant gap and the listing of Independent candidates. Seems very tilted towards Democrats. But apparently this set-up follows state rules that require that candidates be grouped by party but forbid the mention of the party! Very bizarre! The local ballot-makers could have at least placed a gap after the “vote for…” admonition and before the three Dems to make things a bit more even-handed.

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