Democrats Out-Raising Republicans in BOS Races

The latest Board of Supervisors’ campaign contribution numbers are in, and the two Democrats are ahead of the two Republicans by decent margins. (These latest figures are current as of August 31.) In the Rivanna district, Republican member of the BOS Ken Boyd has taken in a total of $41k so far this election, to Democratic challenger Cynthia Neff’s $64k. In the last reporting period—the latter half of August—Boyd raised $12k to Neff’s $25k. And down in the Scottsville district, where Democrat Chris Dumler is running against Republican James Norwood for the seat being vacated by conservative Democrat Lindsay Dorrier, Dumler has taken in a grand total of $37k to Norwood’s $17k. $20k of Dumler’s fundraising came just in the last half of August, while just $4k of Norwood’s came in the same period. (Democrat Ann Mallek is running for reelection in the White Hall district, but she has no challenger.)

For those who don’t want to look at raw numbers, Aaron Richardson sums things up in the Progress.

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