6 thoughts on “Halsey Minor Presents Replacement Hotel Developer”

  1. Milwaukee you say! Type type type type…. :) Every time this story comes up I mention Milwaukee, but this is a different hotel, finished, and not on Water Street! Irony Horse!

  2. Cville is horsey, I was thinking of a horsey name, but let’s just name it the Hobby Horse. Every Cville blogger and blogger wannabe commenter can park their steed there. Colfer’s pony-themed monorail down 29N paid for by the CHO airport ticket tax! [____]’s police horse to ride herd on the local cop shoppe! [____]’s horse-drawn sandwich shop of libertarianism! [____]’s random horse pooey! The Dredging Horse! The Dam Horse! The ever-so-reasonable Waldo horse!

    The Circuit Rider. That would be a hotel name, for anybody who watched channel 29, the only channel, on sign-off at 2:09 a.m. here 29 years ago. We loved that guy and his horse and his non-sectarian message. With our 293/295/296/924 phone numbers, our 229 zip codes, our Rt. 29, our NBC 29, our 29th Infantry at D-Day. Thank goodness those days are over.

  3. I’ve heard that the hotel as it is now has been exposed to the elements too long and would no longer be structurally sound if completed. Anyone know if this is true?

  4. Colfer clearly has eaten too many sugar cubes to fit into his jodhpurs again.

    Still, its good to see someone saddle up, lend a hand and tackle the problem of reining in maverick developers. The hack Halsey clearly bit off more than he could chew, bridling the city with a crop of unfinished paddocked projects for us to trot around. Though he flaunts his pedigree as a stud, he has yet to pony up a purse and instead comes off as whinny. To have a stable investor waiting in pole position to hitch his wagon to this unfinished business and roundup all the loose ends is awesome. I dont mean to stirrup anything, but seriously, this has gone on furlong enough.

  5. The Circuit Rider would be a beautiful name for a hotel, you gotta admit.

    Megan, I’ve heard mixed things about the exposure. I heard even the first few months were bad, and I heard no problem even now. Maybe Jim Tolbert can answer that question.

    Byo, that is some fine hoofing.

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