3 thoughts on “Two Last-Minute School Board Candidates”

  1. I met Willa Neale when we were both PTO presidents in the city schools. My sense is that she would be a great member of the school board. I’m glad she’s running.

  2. Does this trouble you?

    ” “No, I would not run for School Board. I think that would not be a sign of respect for the current candidates and it would not show my commitment to this position of City Council,” Blount said at a candidate forum hosted by the Senior Statesmen of Virginia. “We’ll see what happens four years from now, but right now, City Council.”

    Have we learned anything post-primary that would inform the School Board election?

    I would like the School Board to stay strong in terms of diversity, that has been one of the great things about it since it went elected, increased minority representation.

    Good news is that there is a strong slate of candidates to choose from.

  3. I appreciate the sentiment she was trying to express, even if she shouldn’t have been so forceful. A better response would have been, “I am focused on city council and can’t even speculate what would happen if I did not win in the primary. My attention is on the present race and not speculation.”

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