7 thoughts on “Clark Teacher Killed in Shooting”

  1. Oh well, cannot get it too work. However, it shows 9 shooting in the last year in that area.

    And that cannot be good.

  2. Feel free to delete my clumsy efforts at computer work.

    That said, Cville City schools is at work in Clark. After 5 principals in 3 years, they moved over a proven leader who just finished turning around another local school and brought in a new Assist. Principal (ex-military with tons of teaching experience in her past as well) from outside the area.

    TOugh way for the new ladies to start the school year.

  3. @danpri, there was a year that Cville had 9 murders. Shall we all move from here? How many murders has Albemarle had per year recently. I think your comment is silly.

  4. What part of, ” nine shootings cannot be good,” seems silly? You must be from a tough part of the world if 9 shootings seem silly.

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