Meadowcreek Parkway Stalled for Lack of Permit

The Army Corps of Engineers has pulled the permit for a crucial bit of the Meadowcreek Parkway, Aaron Richardson writes in the Progress. Part of the city’s portion of the road—dubbed McIntire Road Extended—goes over a tributary of Schenk’s Branch, and putting a culvert for the road to pass over requires permission from the Corps. The Coalition to Preserve McIntire Park recently filed for a preliminary injunction against VDOT to prevent the culvert from being put in, arguing that doing so would violate federal law, because of the impact that it would have on the stream. The group is claiming victory here, saying that VDOT folded, knowing that they were in the wrong, and will now have to come up with a method of crossing the stream that doesn’t impact it (such as a bridge), which also has the effect of taking the Corps out of the equation.

4 thoughts on “Meadowcreek Parkway Stalled for Lack of Permit”

  1. perhaps this is just a work around- I wouldn’t say this is over just that the stream in question won’t be used as a crossing.

  2. I suspect the same. I viewed the permit pull as a tactical maneuver that said “Let’s remove the ammo from this part of the process, because we can and doing so simplifies matters,” not as a defeat per se.

  3. Either VDOT/Army Corps of Engineers thought they’d lose, or they thought it would be faster to avoid the battle entirely. Possibly both.

    Just another delay in a project that will be built anyway, just at a higher cost.

  4. A higher cost here, a higher cost there and eventually a project gets shelved. I sure hope that happens with this one. Many thanks to the people keeping the pressure on!

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