Kluge’s Finances Public in Bankruptcy Filings

Patricia Kluge and William Moses’ finances are a matter of public record, Bryan McKenzie writes, and it’s not pretty. Bankruptcy filings have $2.65M in assets, and they’re $47.5M in debt. Those assets are $1.35M in real estate and $1.3M in cash, which is to say that they apparently have no cash, stock, bonds, or any liquid assets to speak of. Somehow they have an estimated monthly income of $16k (where does it come from—do they have jobs?) against monthly expenses of $21k, including $5.5k in rent.

If I’d just declared bankruptcy, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t move into a 6,600 square foot home, as these two financial wizards just did. The word for that is “mansion.” This is the part where I’d make a crack about how the rich are different than you and me, but they’re also different from the Kluges—because, at this point, I’m worth more than they are.

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