Furloughs at the Progress

Media General is furloughing Progress employees for 15 days between now and the end of the year. Part of MG’s commitment to quality news coverage, I assume.  #

7 Responses to “Furloughs at the Progress

  • I blame cvillenews.com, for one. ;-)

  • Yup, first ATMs were costing jobs and now that dastardly web and people who are willing to post news content for others to read… and comment on.

    Ban them all.

    I can’t remember when I last read the DP, but I do read the local greene county weekly paper that MG publishes. Or will read until there is a good local news web site.

  • Media General is a lousy company that cares nothing about its employees,the community, or journalism, just the bottom line.
    For a big corporation, they have always acted like they were some small struggling Mom and Pop business that was about to go under if they couldnt come up with another $20.
    Worst thing ever happened to the DP was when MG bought it.

  • One wonders if the inclusion of Charlottesville Tomorrow has hurt the Progress and it’s bottom line more than an Excel spreadsheet might reveal

  • Would anyone notice the difference?!

  • Well, the top four stories on cvillenews.com right now come from the Daily Progress, so I’d certainly notice the difference! (And I suspect a lot of readers would, too.) Like it or not, the Daily Progress—and, significantly, Charlottesville Tomorrow—is the major source of news in town. The TV stations and WINA get a great deal of their news from the Progress, as is true in most markets.

  • Charlottesville Tomorrow is incomparable and essential. They are completely awesome at getting into the nitty-gritty left behind by so many other news orgs.

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