7 thoughts on “Furloughs at the Progress

  1. Yup, first ATMs were costing jobs and now that dastardly web and people who are willing to post news content for others to read… and comment on.

    Ban them all.

    I can’t remember when I last read the DP, but I do read the local greene county weekly paper that MG publishes. Or will read until there is a good local news web site.

  2. Media General is a lousy company that cares nothing about its employees,the community, or journalism, just the bottom line.
    For a big corporation, they have always acted like they were some small struggling Mom and Pop business that was about to go under if they couldnt come up with another $20.
    Worst thing ever happened to the DP was when MG bought it.

  3. One wonders if the inclusion of Charlottesville Tomorrow has hurt the Progress and it’s bottom line more than an Excel spreadsheet might reveal

  4. Well, the top four stories on cvillenews.com right now come from the Daily Progress, so I’d certainly notice the difference! (And I suspect a lot of readers would, too.) Like it or not, the Daily Progress—and, significantly, Charlottesville Tomorrow—is the major source of news in town. The TV stations and WINA get a great deal of their news from the Progress, as is true in most markets.

  5. Charlottesville Tomorrow is incomparable and essential. They are completely awesome at getting into the nitty-gritty left behind by so many other news orgs.

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