2 thoughts on “Man Arrested, Charged with Grand Stupidity”

  1. I understand, perhaps, the rationale behind passing a law that makes it illegal to possess a firearm while in possession of illegal substances, but I’m a little troubled by it. If the two in combination is so threatening, why not simply pass a law that makes it illegal to possess illegal substances while in possession of a firearm? I’m sure a thorough search of my home would turn up meds for which I long since ceased to have a prescription. It would also turn up firearms. Should a b suspend my constitutional right to bear arms? Why not also suspend my right to a trial or my right against illegal searches and seizures..?

  2. this is more or less extremely tangential, but hopefully amusing:

    five years ago a delayed flight and missed-connection stranded me in Barcelona for 24 hours; instead of waiting around the airport, I called up some friends-of-friends in the city and made plans to go out for dinner and maybe a drink… many hours later, extremely drunk, we returned to their apartment and crashed.

    early the next AM i woke in unfamiliar surroundings, possibly still fairly tipsy from the night before. no one else was up yet, but I stepped out onto the balcony to catch some fresh air and enjoy the morning sun in a foreign country. it just so happened that every spare inch of this rather-sizable apartment balcony was covered in potted plants — maybe 60 or 70 of them — and gradually over the course of the next 10mins (in my still-incapacitated state) I slowly realized that they were all large, healthy marijuana plants; this guy had a veritable forest of weed growing behind his apartment.

    just as this fact clicked together in my brain, i heard the screen door slide open behind me. my exuberant spanish host stepped out onto the balcony, spread his arms wide, and with a huge grin on his face, proudly exclaimed “WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY MAGNIFICENT GARDEN?”

    (that is all)

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