8 thoughts on “Here Comes Somerset Farm”

  1. Wow, I always thought he would keep that in open space or land use. I’m surprised Monticello hasn’t tried to intervene. I guess its early yet.

  2. It’s pretty far from Biscuit Run. What I don’t understand is if the new county growthers feel they must replace growth area lost to the Biscuit Run state park, why does the moolah have to go to Wood? Could there not be an open bidding process where local land grandees competed to get the rights, to replace a vaguely defined deficit in growth area. Sure Trump would win it, but… Ha, actually, the land would have to be well-placed and all that.

  3. Actually the “backside” of the Biscuit Run development comes pretty close to this piece of land. The main talk was about Old Lynchburg Road/5th Street Ext, but the other side of the property borders pretty close Rt. 20S.

    I would like to see some commercial development for the Southside of Albemarle County. Currently, anyone from Keene, Esmont or Scottsville has to travel quite a ways to do any shopping. This would cut the commute in half and potentially reduce some traffic to RT 29N.

  4. Does anyone else find the little capsule-summary lead-in before the story to sound a little bit, oh, PR-ish?

    “A proposed massive new development could bring more people to live, work and pay taxes in Albemarle County.”

    GOLLY! That makes it sound AWESOME!

  5. Building on Colfer’s reply, I would say that no growth area has been lost. Of course, the expected use has changed and will likely prevent future development, but this change resulted from the decision of private landowners to not to develop their land and instead seek tax credits for donating it. “Correcting” the decisions of private landowners through the comp plan process undermines the very strategies created by comp plans.

    Are we set to say that the development rights land put under conservation easements in the growth area should be transferred to an expanded growth area (a reverse TDR)? How about landowners who resist increased development in their neighborhoods, should the delta between existing density and available density be reassigned to another area of the county? The Stonefield development could have been taller, let’s move that missed GSF out towards Ivy!

    The growth area gave necessary definition to a market. Now, the County should let the market act on its own. If the market determines that southside Albemarle needs additional retail, for example, there are numerous sites available in the existing growth area to accommodate it.

  6. He’ll be able to see the construction of his masterpiece from his mansion on the mountain nearby. He’s a modern-day Jefferson!

  7. Check out the sum of tax breaks he’s soaked up over decades from land use on that property (public via Albemarle GIS). He’s only paid 1/10th of the taxes on those properties worth millions. I’m sure that if Wood gets his property declared growth area he’ll give all that money back to taxpayers, right?

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