5 thoughts on “Halsey Minor’s Cost to the City Keeps Adding Up”

  1. I think you’re confusing useful with necessary. And despite this are still wrong. 1800 JPA is a ten story building, 500 Court Sq. is a nine or ten story building… the city’s building code has long had a 101′ max height restriction based in part on the reach of its firefighting equipment (I think the old tower ladder truck had a 95′ reach also, and pre-dated the Landmark). The Landmark was actually granted a height restriction waiver for its top floor (I think the building maxes out @ 114′ from Water St.)though that top floor could be no more than a certain percentage of the building footprint (the thought being that if someone was trapped on the roof of the top floor in a fire they could climb/jump down to the roof of the next floor which would be within the range of the 95′ tower ladder. If the City had bought a truck to reach 114′, I’d agree with you but @ 95′ the truck they bought barely handles several existing and planned structures. Plus, I don’t think ladder trucks are as customizable as one might assume. The next highest off-the-shelf reach is probably 75′ or 80′? So it might have cost them more to buy a truck with say a 90′ reach.

  2. I’ve just learned so much about tall buildings in Charlottesville. :) I’ve heard of 1800 JPA, but I didn’t know it was Very Large Building, as it clearly is. I didn’t have any luck last night tracking down the height of 500 Court Square, and after spending another few minutes on it just now, I’ve got no idea!

  3. The city fire department loves buying fire equpment. We have lots of it. It is requently used in the surrounding counties which buy little equipment. We even have a brush fire truck although we do not have much brush. It was said that it can be used in out brick, cement and steel garages.

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