10 thoughts on “Independent Candidate for Council”

  1. What’s with the patronizing “Ah, Charlottesville”?

    Didn’t an idealistic, young man once run for City Council?

  2. ? Patronizing? Not at all. I was trying to figure out how to briefly, neutrally acknowledge the fact that this is a socialist running for council, something that’s extraordinary in the United States. Charlottesville is the second-most liberal municipality in Virginia (Petersburg is #1), and is unusual in that a socialist can run for office and anybody notices.

  3. Brandon is about as socialist as Wilbur the pig. He is just playing a game, as when he ran for city council x years ago. It was the same year “Democrats for Change” or whatever it was called started up. He was spouting some libertarian credo or whatever he thought would get a rise of out the 800 dems assembled in the CHS theater. He presentation was an Andy Kaufmann-like performance piece.

  4. sorry colfer- wrong Brandon, I have never run before now. You are thinking of Robert Brandon Smith- a guy I know, but whose politics I don’t share.

    I sure hope your the only one who gets us confused

  5. Here’s hoping BC’s “American as F***” is the campaign theme song!!

  6. Robert Brandon Smith III’s campaign for city council (during the last election) was, truly, one of the more entertaining moments in the history of Charlottesville politics.

    But yes, he and Brandon Collins are different people.

  7. I’d almost vote for someone running as a Nazi before I’d vote for a candidate from the City Dem machine.

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