5 thoughts on “Huja Running for Reelection”

  1. He votes every year on his own retirement benefits which is a conflict of interest in VA.

  2. IN dealing with him on the mall when he worked for the city I would say he seems a perfect democrat. I could not understand what he said and he buried everything in paperwork.

    We were going to repaint a storefront with a new coat of the same paint, from the same can. He was walking by and stopped it saying we needed approval. Same color from same can I say. Would not accept either a piece of the paint chipped from building, or a touch of the paint from the can. Had to find a swatch from the store.

    FInally I just started looking at him blankly and saying I did not understand his accent. After 5 minutes of repeating himself his phone rang and I left. Painted the storefront early Sunday morning and skipped the paperwork.

  3. Jim Nix, the co-chair of city Democrats, told me he expected about a half-dozen candidates in the race this year.

    Sean Tubbs
    Charlottesville Tomorrow

  4. He comes to meetings unprepared. He can no longer understand the facts needed to make a decision on important matters. And no one I know can understand a word he says. We can do better !

  5. Did anybody notice all of those “old heads” in the background of the picture in the paper? If they hold a firehouse primary, those endorsements may not mean much to the new voters here. I only recognized three or four myself and some of them I don’t think have a lick of sense.

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