10 thoughts on “First Candidate Files for Council Election”

  1. He really didn’t tell much about himself. Is there much to tell? Is he just offering himself because he’s no better than what we’ve got and the position pays $12k annually and he’s been doing odd jobs here and there.

  2. $12k for a part time job? I may have to go see the registrar. And his name is Bandy in the linked story.

  3. $12k is what the Councilors make, I believe. The Mayor makes $14k, I believe. I have stoped paying close attention since I’ve sold my home in Cville and only own a buildable lot.

  4. And his name is Bandy in the linked story.

    Man, I read his name three times to confirm that it said “Brandy.” Clearly my reading comprehension skills are not good. :) I’ve corrected that—thanks!

  5. You think the first one to declare might have their name bandied around a bit more by the press.

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