BoS Votes to Hold Property Taxes at Current Rate

A divided Board of Supervisors has agreed not to raise real estate taxes, Brandon Shulleeta reports for the Progress. Although they haven’t set the rate, they have agreed to advertise a rate of 74.2¢, and in doing so they set a ceiling that they are not permitted to exceed.

Last year, Republican Duane Snow was part of the four-man majority that prevented the advertisement of a higher rate, but this year he switched sides, joining Ann Mallek and Dennis Rooker in wanting to advertise a 75.2¢ rate. With the remaining three members of the BoS refusing to compromise, the unlikely trio backed down. Snow pointed to low construction costs, saying that now is the time for the county to build the new library in Crozet, and to the state’s offer to match transportation construction funds, saying that we should put money towards improving roads.

By the county’s math, the decreased property assessments should leave most people paying $36 less in property taxes, assuming that the 74.2¢ rate becomes law. They’ll have a hearing about it in a couple of weeks.

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