Trump Working to Buy Kluge Properties

Donald Trump intends to buy all of Pat Kluge’s properties, Hawes Spencer reports for The Hook. Although he did not get Albemarle House at auction today—that went to the bank that holds the mortgage—he’s got the right of first refusal on it. The rest he’s made offers on. Trump, with an estimated net worth of $2B, certainly has the money to buy all of them, but as an investor, he’d presumably be buying them to turn a profit. Trump’s representative in the matter tells the Post that it’s too early to speculate exactly what he’d do with the property, but that it has “significant historical value and potential for development…the more acreage, the more pieces you acquire, the more possibilities there are.” She later says that “[Kluge and Trump have] been working together with the objective of trying to preserve the vineyard for the benefit of the Virginia wine industry.”

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