City Hunting for Time Capsule

The city is getting closer to figuring out where they buried a time capsule 50 years ago, Ted Strong reports in today’s Daily Progress. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Charlottesville’s founding, a steel box was buried somewhere in the city, but the city neglected to keep a record of where. A group of children attended the burial in 1962, charged with reminding the city where it was buried come 2012; good idea, but it didn’t pan out. Luckily, some folks’ memories have been jogged, and it’s been narrowed down to an area next to the Charlottesville Circuit Court. But somebody seems to remember that it was moved for construction, and it’s not clear exactly where under the sidewalk it is, if it’s there at all. Anniversary celebrations don’t start until next year, so there’s still another year to track it down.

If we bury a new one, maybe this time GPS coordinates?

8 thoughts on “City Hunting for Time Capsule”

  1. There’s a great joke in this topic but it’s not coming to me right away. Give me a few postings to warm up.

  2. Has anyone even considered a spot about this on the Charlottesville news on Newsplex or NBC? That might jog someone’s memory and they might call the proper people about it. Or does anyone really want to remember that time period?

  3. I first heard the story I believe on TV. If thecapsule was dug up and moved for construction, then it is probably in a closet somewhere.

  4. “Or does anyone really want to remember that time period?”

    I am surprised there are not two separate but equal time capsules.

  5. Where are you going to put the GPS coordinates? At least the microfilm of the Daily Progress picture was slightly legible. Messed up digital data would be useless! I like how they assigned the children to remember where the capsule was buried. Cville had a sense of humor back then… Foods of All Nations used to have a big sign that read “Foods of All Foods”. It was a misprint, but they thought it was funny. Other jokes around here were not so funny though.

  6. Many people wish to remember that time period. That’s why we have so many documentaries now. Separate but equal…still on Sunday morning.

  7. This time capsule is only 50 years old? Ok, sorry but this is kind of lame. 50 years is not a very long time. I think we should wait another 50 years at least so it becomes interesting.

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