Kuttner Faces Obstruction of Justice Charges

Oliver Kuttner got his day in court, Chris Dumond writes for the Lynchburg News & Advance, though he surely wishes that he did not.

He was arrested in October on charges of obstruction of justice, accused of behaving belligerently towards a Lynchburg police officer after being pulled over for driving with an expired registration. This came less than a month after his team won the X-Prize, making Lynchburg famous in the automotive world, so his accusation that he was mistreated by the police resulted in an immediate internal probe at the police department.

It turns out that, upon being pulled over, Kuttner angrily walked over to the police car. (A big no-no.) He had to be told more than a half dozen times to return to his car before he finally did so. In the process, he informed the officer that he was “so tired of the dumb people in this town.” After going back to his car, more officers arrived as backup, sending Kuttner out of his car again. That went very badly. He was handcuffed, shouting for somebody to “get the news out here.” In court today, he was pretty chagrined, admitting fault. At worst he’ll pay a fine and be charged with a lesser crime, though the court is trying to figure out how to come up with a lemons-to-lemonade punishment that will allow everybody to save face.

For anybody who knows Oliver Kuttner—even just slightly, as I do—it’s hard not to grin while reading all of this. It’s all so Oliver.

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