4 thoughts on “Cab vs. Pedestrian—Cab Wins”

  1. I had a high school friend who went to Cornell on a gymnastics scholarship. Accustomed to (back then) pedestrian-friendly Southern California drivers, he was outraged by the failure of upstate NY drivers to yield right-of-way, so he was in the habit of kicking offending cars as they drove past, or so he told me once. But he was (1) expert in martial arts, and (2) apparently not roaring drunk when he did this, so I never heard that it cost him any limbs.

  2. The physics of this seems odd- what a series of events to get run over by a car you just kick.

    the speed of the cab has to be slow enough-the fall has to be a certain way- the ice was probably a big factor. It obviously happened but I guess it would only have been worse if he fallen head first under the cab.

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