2 thoughts on “County Names Police Chief”

  1. Sellers says he’ll move to Albemarle when he’s had a chance to sell his house in Stafford County. I wouldn’t hold my breath, Albemarle, he’s spent his whole career in Fairfax, including the last 6 as deputy chief apparently without living there.
    He’s also already claiming that the force he’s taking over needs to grow by 25% in order to meet a goal of 1.5 officers per 1,000 folks paying for them. I wonder how he’s discerned that need a month before starting the job and seemingly before unpacking his bags. If its based on some national standard, has he factored in the Alb. Cty. Sherrif’s department, which fulfills some law enforcement duties like prisoner transport, service of process, etc.?

  2. A little research discovered this Progress article from Oct., so I guess the perceived need for more officers predates Seller’s being hired.
    And the 1.5/1000 seems to be something of a nation-wide average

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