Supreme Court Turns Down Alcohol Ad Ban Case

The Supreme Court has denied an appeal of the Cavalier Daily’s alcohol advertising case, Shirley Park writes in today’s issue of the paper. State regulations prohibit newspapers (at private and public colleges alike) from running ads for alcohol, or even ads that acknowledge the existence of alcohol. The Cav. Daily and the Virginia Tech’s Collegiate Times sued two years ago, in an effort to overturn the ban, with legal representation provided by the ACLU of Virginia. Although the district court ruled in their favor, the state appealed the case up to the appeals court, which ruled for the state. The Supreme Court turned down the case, as it does with hundreds of cases every year. However, the decision was remanded back down to the court, and the ACLU announced in an e-mail today that they intend to continue to pursue the case, so the matter is ongoing.

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