Former Mayor Charged with Assault

Former mayor Frank Buck has charged with choking a legal client while in court, Courteney Stuart writes for The Hook. The attorney was arrested last week and charged with assault, in response to a complaint by his (presumably now-former) client, Milton Leo John. John says that he was complaining that Buck hadn’t done an adequate job representing him when Buck suddenly grabbed him around the neck and squeezed. Buck admits that he lost his temper in the face of unreasonable requests from his client, and that he put his hands on John’s neck, but that he stopped there, realizing that he was making a big mistake. Although the judge and bailiff had left the room, a surveillance camera was running, which will presumably settle any question as to what actually transpired. There’s a court hearing in the matter tomorrow.

Frank Buck was mayor from 1980–1988, and has long been a practicing attorney—his partner in his practice is Del. David Toscano.

Disclaimer: Frank Buck served as my attorney in a personal injury case a decade ago.

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