6 thoughts on “Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyards to be Auctioned Off”

  1. Her divorce from John allowed her 1,600,000.00 per week. Even if she’d decided to forgo an accountant and filed a 1040ez, she’d still be looking at around $50,000,000.00 per year after taxes. What did she go, 10 years between marriages (assuming that allowance disappeared when she wed Moses [Bill that is, not Charlton Heston])? So over 10 years she saw a half-billion $$$$ in after-taxes income, and 10 years after that she’s 35 mil in the hole???? And in the article cited they blame the economy? A fortune equivalent to winning the lottery every year for a decade has been squandered or pissed away and we’re to believe its because of circumstances beyond control? hilarious.

  2. If anyone thinks this means Kluge and Moses will now be living in appliance cartons under the Belmont Bridge, guess again. I guarantee you that personally they have plenty of money left, and it is the banks and other investors who will be eating these losses. That’s what they pay lawyers and accountants to do – shelter them from life’s hardships (mostly of their own making).

  3. The sad thing is that pretty much everyone saw this coming for the last decade or so, except perhaps for Patricia herself. Let us recall that she made some really significant charitable contributions as well as pissing money away right and left on foolish indulgences.

  4. Well, if you’re putting your name on a building and you’re still alive, you can get yourself lost, in my opinion. And the Paramount has been a mixed blessing at best. At least when they programmed the same Gilbert & Sullivan play as the excellent local company, on the same month, the director finally got fired by the board. (Paramount books touring companies almost exclusively.) Other problems were managerial, such as not being aware what a performer’s contracts would force them to spend. They spent a whole show-size budget once just to get a horn section to come up from Norfolk at the last minute after finding out one was specified. But now it is under management of the Borg. Zounds knows the Paramount feasts on good will in the community.

    When amateurs go into these businesses; boutique groceries, fine dining, wine, theater; knowing they will make asses of themselves, they should show a little judgment and keep it at a reasonable level.

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