UVA Completes VQR Investigation

On Wednesday, UVA simultaneously released a report on the management and finances of Virginia Quarterly Review and the news that the literary magazine’s editor would not be fired. Although the report concludes that editor Ted Genoways probably lacks the “capacity to supervise and lead his staff well,” calls for an investigation of his use of university funds to publish his own poetry, and demands that the magazine’s private Bank of America account be overseen by the university, UVA has decided to keep Genoways in the position for which he was hired seven years ago. This all resulted from the suicide of managing editor Kevin Morrissey on July 30, which was followed shortly by the whole staff walking out or quitting.

Dave McNair’s cover story in this week’s Hook provides all sorts of new details about what unfolded at VQR in the past few years, many of which were outside of the scope of UVA’s investigation, and dissects critically a couple of stories published about the situation in the last few weeks. It’s the most comprehensive, accurate, detailed coverage of the situation yet.

Disclosure: I worked for VQR for five years. I quit on July 26.

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