A Photo Tour of the Meadowcreek Parkway

Bill McChesney strolled down the completed county portion of the Meadowcreek Parkway, and provides this photo set of what it looks like. A street sign reads “Meadow Creek Parkway,” so apparently the county just decided to go with the informal name that’s been bandied about for years. That means that somebody driving in a straight line south from Rio will, without ever turning, drive on Meadow Creek Parkway, McIntire Road, Ridge Street, Fifth Street, Fifth Street Extended, and Old Lynchburg Road. Fourteen miles, six names, one road.

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  1. Can we get “Meadow Creek Parkway, McIntire Road, Ridge Street, Fifth Street, Fifth Street Extended, and Old Lynchburg Road. Fourteen miles, six names, one road.” on a t-shirt?

  2. Actually it’s eight names.
    Between Preston Avenue and West Main street it’s called Ridge/McIntire.
    There is a little piece of Stagecoach Road
    between 5th Street extended and Old Lynchburg Road.
    No wait, Charlottesville calls the road
    “McIntire Road Extended” and
    it is also registered with VDOT as State Route 631.
    That’s ten names!
    OK my final comment is with 10 Names and 14 Miles
    We can call the whole thing Old 1014.

  3. Just another example of the county forcing their will on the city. I rode by there today and the kids walking to CHS have to walk on the road (Melborne)due to the fencing that is tore up due to the traffic signal. They also drew new lines on Melborne which will take up all of the parking in front of CHS stadium.

  4. I see it as Meadow Creek Parkway, McIntire Road Ext., McIntire Road, Ridge/McIntire, Ridge, Fifth Street Ext., Stagecoach, Old Lynchburg.

  5. I’m trying to figure out why do they have that drain near the top of the slope instead of at the bottom?

  6. I don’t care about the name, to be honest it should have it’s own name. It’s a quite a scenic byway so close to town that has beautiful paths and bridges for pedestrian. Take a look at the pictures

    The city just needs to finish their part and get it over before the residents of Grove road becomes a short cut to the bypass.

  7. Possible names:
    City-County Unity Road or just Unity Road
    Embattled Highway
    Lost Highway
    YMCA Expressway
    Arboretum Trail
    Kleeman Way
    Unicorn’s Dream Highway
    The Myway Highway
    Not In My Park Parkway
    The Unparkway
    Congestion Alley
    Litigation Expressway
    …and my personal favorite
    Unconnected Connector Link

  8. There is nothing scenic about this road – the scenery appears to be nothing but trees. Skyline drive is scenic because there are hills and valleys, mountain ranges and overlooks of small towns. Those components make up a scene.

  9. Reminds me of those old Works Progress Administration programs the type like where they moved a river, or creek or some other such thing.

    In this instance all it looks like is that the county moved Rio Road. 2 driving lanes total. I fail to see how this is going to be any sort of solution to the problem it was supposed to fix. Can anyone even remember what that problem was?

  10. With respect to naming… we can add “John W. Warner Parkway” to the list as the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to that effect in January 2009.

    “…the motion offered by Supervisor Dennis Rooker (Jack Jouett) stated that the County will not rename the road the John Warner Parkway unless the City of Charlottesville follows suit for their portion.”

    Charlottesville City Council was less excited about a name change but councilors indicated support for some other form of appreciation.

    Brian Wheeler
    Charlottesville Tomorrow

  11. Ah-ha. Thank you for that, Brian. My first draft of this mentioned that it was to be named the Warner parkway, but then when I saw Bill’s photo of the street sign, I figured I must have remembered wrong. I’m glad to know my memory isn’t as bad as I thought. :)

  12. It’s concerning that the parking along Melbourne was taken away. There’s only a tiny parking lot in the CHS football stadium and it’s quite a hilly hike from the CHS parking lot to the football field. I’m not even sure if there’s an adequate amount of parking in the CHS lot. Plus, people park there for the 4th of July fireworks. And students who walk to school should absolutely not be forced into the road.

  13. This situation is has made our community
    a laughing stock.

    Smaller cities and towns like Staunton and Blacksburg don’t seem to have a problem adding and completing necessary infrastructure.
    They also don’t give away parts of their recreational areas and open spaces to non-profits.

    Finally the the stream in the section of McItnire park that the road would follow to Melbourne is not Meadow Creek it is Schenk’s Branch.
    To keep with the flowing water theme perhaps it should be named The Schenk’s Branch Parkway.

  14. Cville eye you are absolutely right about warner securing federal transportation funds for the design and build of the parkway interchange at its intersection with McIntire and by pass (Schenk’s branch). A contingent of local officials paid a visit to warner at his capital hill office and secured his support for the project along with federal transportation funding.
    I thought the original amount was $25M rather then $29M. My question now is are those funds still available since it was about 4/5 years ago that he made these funds available?

  15. At least they didn’t name it different road names and kept it simple.
    Some examples of driving on the same road with different names at various points:
    1) Ivy/University/Main Street
    2) Barracks/Preston/East Market Street
    3) Fifth Street/Old Lynchburg Road

    I’m glad they kept it simple instead of continuing the same clusterf#&% naming system they have in this town.

  16. Jeff, It would be helpful if you would provide a link to the article you are commenting on?

  17. About parking being eliminated at CHS football stadium: why does CHS have a football stadium?

    As for names, what do you call the intersection of Rio Road and 29? I call it The Dan Roosevelt Memorial Travesty.

  18. My favorite stretch of multi-named road in Charlottesville is JPA/Maury/Alderman/Copely. It’s one road with four names in just a bit over a single mile.

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