11 thoughts on “New Regal Planned for Albemarle Place”

  1. This press release refers to “new Main Street” (they lowercase the “n”), which is what the developers intend to call the main road running through this faux public space. For the record, I’d like to point out that county law does not allow them to name it “Main Street”:

    A proposed road name which duplicates an existing or reserved road name in Albemarle County or the City of Charlottesville shall not be approved.

    Also under this other rule:

    No proposed name shall be accepted which…may be easily confused with an official road name

    I was just sort of disinterested in this development until they started with this “Main Street” business. Now I actively dislike it. Our existing Main Street is working out just fine, thankyouverymuch.

  2. The Seminole plan may just be a ploy to get more compensation when the land is condemned for the Hillsdale connector road.

  3. There’s also a 12 screen project approved for Hollymead. Either the quality of films produced is going to have to get a lot better or ticket prices are going to have to come down in order to make all of these multiplexes make sense. Maybe not even then.

  4. Take the 4 Screens at Regal Seminole Square and subtract that amount from the 14 Proposed Albemarle place 14 Screen theater for a Net of 10 new Screens.

    I figure they’ll close the Seminole Square location once the 14 is open because of the Hillsdale connector B.S.

    I miss Laemmle’s. You could get Vinegar Hill quality films on state of the art screens and you could go see a movie at 10am in the middle of the week.

    As it is now. Most of the movies I want to see never come to Charlottesville.

  5. I agree with you for the most part Just Bob. But using Vinegar Hill as a standard of quality is almost ironic, more sad though really. Even it doesn’t really show “Vinegar Hill quality” films anymore and hasn’t in quite some time. A lot of newcomers have no idea of what they missed out on.

    10-15 years ago, Vinegar Hill was still a great theater showing more amazing films than I could possibly make time for even though I was there on a weekly basis. I haven’t been there in years now. Every time I look to see what’s playing, I find I couldn’t care less. The best of what they show would be one of the weaker films in the line up at a really decent theater like DC’s E Street Cinema, and a lame art house film is still just a lame film after all.

    Offscreen at UVA is about the only place to catch an interesting movie in these parts, even the film festival has been pretty dull for a long time.


  6. I’m not worried about more theaters. Perhaps Carmike will shut down instead of being the only place that shows certain films. What a terrible venue that has been.

    But I like thinking of street names. Across 29 in Seminole Square is one of my favorite street names – Line Drive.

    These Albemarle Place people need to be more creative.

    How about Maine Street. Maybe go meta and call it Lane lane or Street drive – or just The Street.

    ‘new Main Street’ is a lazy attempt to name this new place.

    Anybody got better than Lois Lane?

  7. I was thinking Back Alley. I think Memory Lane has already been used in different locales. What about Dead End Road?

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