The Recycling Center’s Days May Be Numbered

Some folks are thinking seriously about shutting down the McIntire Recycling Center, Brian Chidester writes in this week’s C-Ville Weekly. With Van Der Linde Recycling’s single-stream waste management system, use of McIntire is declining as waste haulers start telling customers that they can just dump everything in their trashcans. The city contracts with Van Der Linde now for hauling household waste, but still has the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority handle recycling. The question is whether that RSWA relationship is going to continue for either the city or the county, or whether Van Der Linde will underbid the RSWA and simply eliminate any need for a recycling center. Come December, the city and county will need to figure out if they’re going to stick with the RSWA. If they switch to Van Der Linde, things will get interesting.

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