3 thoughts on “Dry Weather, Tending Towards Drought”

  1. After all the snow we got this winter, and all the rain last year. I’m tired of these “Drought” scares. The only purpose they serve is to scare people into putting up with the RWSA’s wasteful financial shenanigans.

    I urge people to water your lawns as frequently and often as you can afford to do so.

  2. This series of above-90-degrees reminds me of the many Augusts of yore, except that we would have nasty thunderstorms beginning around 4 PM. Afterwards the humidity would become unbearable. We thought it was typical August weather for Charlottesvillle.

  3. Now its August, and I think we have already had more rain than the entire month of July. But its humid ,just step outside if you don’t believe me!

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