3 thoughts on “Landmark Barriers Coming Down”

  1. Put some lights on it and some covered stairs and make it the Cville Tower. Take that FRANCE!!

  2. If they installed some ladders, glued some climbing wall hand-holds to the exterior, and maybe even added some rappelling rope anchors, that thing would be a WORLD CLASS paintball facility. If they connected it to the defunct ice rink via the secret undermall tunnel network, and made that into a simulated Antarctic lair of an evil criminal mastermind, I know some folks would be coming to C’ville for some serious (i.e. high $$$) paint zapping adventure games.

    The ONLY problem with that scenario is that ironically, we wouldn’t have enough hotel space downtown to accommodate the crowds and would need to erect another one thereby starting the whole cycle over again. Well, I guess there is also the question of where the jungle course ought to go…

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