7 thoughts on “Whale Tail’s Days are Numbered”

  1. As a WT neighbor on the other side of the bridge, I would happily try to raise money from the Dairy-Rugby Association to repair or replace Givens’ work. The fund begins with my $500.

  2. I was just down in Charlottesville this past weekend, and I was amazed at the damage from the storm. Reminded me of when Hurricane Isabel rushed through town. And the University clearly took a big hit from it. I can only imagine how long clean-up is going to take, including getting power back to everyone.

  3. CR,

    I was in South Florida alongside the ocean when hurricane Wilma came through, first blowing west, then east.

    Before the eye, it blew my parked rental Toyota sideways. After the eye, it deposited the adjacent Thunderbird atop mine, totalling a brand new Toyota.

    In a parking lot perpendicular to that one, 11 large cars and SUVs were pushed and squeezed tightly together.

    18 hours later it took an hour to drive 10 miles due to debris on every street.

    With all that, our tree damage here Thursday from a brief micro burst was worse, probably because Wilma was a ground wind, the micro burst was elevated.

  4. Regardless of the cost, I want another damn whale tail by the side of the road. Fit this at once.

  5. Well, I am glad the city did not buy it for the crazy price that sculptor was asking. All you had to do was look at its construction to see it would not survive the rigors of winter and summer freezing and expanding and contracting. I did not even think about tornados.

    I like it and all, but cap that like at 3K a year.

  6. I liked the whale tale better before it was stained and the driftwood (aka wake) added around the base.

    But, even still, I love this piece of art and always look for it. My little (under 10 years) kids look for it too, as it is to them a landmark muck like those I spotted from the back-seat of the Olds wagon my mom steered around town in the 70s.

    Perhaps the folks in charge of such things should invite the artist to install the sort of new and improved version mentioned in the article.

  7. I’m with danpri on this one. It was obvious from 50 feet and 25 mph that the whale tail was not well made and not likely to survive for long. Spanish cedar is what cigar boxes are made from. It is rot resistant, but about as structurally solid as styrofoam and easily carvable with a fingernail.

    Of course there is also the issue of the thing being pretty lame art. If we are going to have a sculpture inspired by a dorm room poster on that spot, I’d much rather have it be four dogs playing poker.

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