9 thoughts on “RSWA Eliminates Hazardous Waste”

  1. Take your batteries to Batteries Plus in Albemarle Square. They have a collection bin there. And it’s free.

  2. Isn’t there a collection point for batteries and light bulbs at the McIntire recycling center?

  3. [quote] Isn’t there a collection point for batteries and light bulbs at the McIntire recycling center? [close]

    Yup. It’s right inside the entrance, on the right.

    Paint cans are another problem. Sherwin-Williams for sure and maybe others collect old cans and brushes, but only from their customers. Much of the rest goes to the landfill in Albemarle hidden in plastic bags, like batteries and bulbs, and in the public dumpsters in neighboring counties.

    Care to join a quiet campaign? This morning I phoned and emailed management at Lowe’s and Wal-Mart to ask that they start collecting old paint cans.

    They are the largest sellers of house paint in the community, so share responsibility for the waste problem.

    I’d rate the chance of getting this at 0% for Lowes and 65% at Wal-Mart.

    If it became a national campaign, 100% for Wal-Mart.

  4. Unless it has changed there is a shed at the Ivy Landfill where you can drop off old paint free of charge. Its on the right just before you go up to go on the scales. The attendant tells you what they will and won’t accept, in case someone tries to slip in some chemical that is not really paint.
    I am afraid though that a lot of things like batteries do go into the regular trash collection in bags.
    It should give us an incentive to cut down on the amount of hazardous products we use, like pesticides.

  5. Have learned that next month the paint collection at Ivy Landfill will cease. And today went by the McIntire Road Center where a sign announced that after July 12 they will no longer accept light bulbs, batteries, etc, and other stuff they had been taking.
    What are these people thinking? Do they want all that stuff to end up in the regular garbage and go to landfills?
    Dealing safely with hazardous waste and materials should be a part of government’s maintenance of public infrastructure just like streets, water and sewer lines, etc.
    This is not about Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. Its about competence and responsibility. I don’t which I am angrier with, the anti-tax crowd that keeps shouting “no taxes” regardless of what services might be lost, or the government that keeps collecting taxes and yet it seems like the public gets less and less for its money, while frills get funded. As long as City Council (and the Democratic Party) is dominated by the VOP/PHAR/PACEM faction there will be no change, just money spent on whale-tail art and a place for the bums around Downtown to hang out at.

  6. I agree completely with HollowBoy’s last two paragraphs.

    Is it so hard to understand that people are screaming “no taxes” because government makes terrible spending choices? If city council stopped seeing itself responsible for the downtrodden, it might get more support from the people who provide the wherewithal.

    Councilors should count themselves lucky if light bulbs, batteries, and paint cans end up hidden in bags for trash collection. Lucky.

    The alternatives are dump them in the street or on councilors’ lawns.

  7. I kind of like the idea of piling hazardous materials that will no longer be collected on the lawns of the councilors who don’t want to continue those collections.

  8. I like your point about fairness – only the councilors who don’t support reasonably convenient collection of routine household hazardous waste get their “Midnight Reward.”

    In the world-class city, dead batteries fly in the night.

  9. Councilor Edwards warned fellow councilors a couple of years ago about the the danger presented to the environment by improperly discarded CFL batteries. I wonder why she is supporting this decline in services. I guess she is a Norris lackey.
    This is another instance that shows that the current people who are on council should resign. They have no clue as to how to run a $142M entity. We need to get rid of both RWSA and RSWA, both a collection of people drowning in pools of incompetence.

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