A Tale of Two Murders

In the current C-Ville Weekly, Brendan Fitzgerald contrasts two Charlottesville murders, the accused in one a rich, white UVA student, the accused in another a poor, black high school dropout. One—George Huguely—is accused of killing fellow student Yeardley Love at her apartment on May 3. The other—Demonte Burgess—is accused of killing Miguel Salazar at a trailer park on January 22. The question, of course, is what the outcome of each trial will be, and the extent to which the difference is because of their respective race and class. (A stark illustration of that contrast comes in the form of sentencing guidelines for cocaine versus those for crack. Selling coke will get you a slap on the wrist; selling crack will get you a decade in prison.) It seems entirely likely that, should they be found guilty, these two men will receive significantly different sentences.

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