17 thoughts on “Yes, But What Are Homebuilders Selling?”

  1. Funny! Not 15 seconds ago I explained to an eBay seller why I won’t buy from him. He bumps up his prices 10% on some items and 15% on others so he can donate that much to his church!

    His charity begins in HIS home, not in mine.

    As to that .01% (really that little?)a car dealership says it’s donating, (a) that’s the cheapest advertising anywhere, and (b) will there be an audit, or do we just trust the … what is he? oh yes, car salesman. They don’t make ’em more honest than that.

  2. I need to check with Gray Communications and see what the going rate is for a slot on the news. I have a yard sale coming up I’d like to get on the air.

    “Tonight at 6, there’s a sale at Penney’s!”

  3. As to that .01% (really that little?)

    I totally made that number up. I’d bet dollars to donuts that CBS-19 didn’t confirm how much was going to support SARA, whether that quantity is in any way tied to Brown’s sales, whether there’s a floor on that contribution amount, and whether there’s a ceiling. I’ll bet it’s rather a low number.

    I see it’s not just CBS-19: NBC-29 is broadcasting live from the “event.” That line between news and advertising is looking awfully blurry right now.

  4. Newsvertising!

    Unrelatedly, do you suppose dollars to donuts really means the same thing it used to? It would depend on whether the average donut price is less than a dollar.

  5. Stories like this are a useful reminder that advertising *is* content as far as the media is concerned. Facts and information are just filler in order to serve their primary constituency.

  6. At least the Fashion Square parking lot is being put to good use. That’s newsworthy.

  7. I am absolutely bored to death of this advertising campaign. The incessant (and terrible!) ads during every commercial break of LOST, and every hour on the hour thereafter, I’ve seen postcards left in coffeshops! This has really gotten out of hand. They’ve spent a *lot* of money on this, and I, for one, regret having bought from them in the past.

  8. NBC29 has been broadcasting live from these sales for years. I can’t remember if others have benefited any charities but it seems if the weather is nice, Eric is at Fashion Square Mall with one dealership or another and the UVA Credit Union is there to make you a great deal.

  9. Buy buy buy! Even if you don’t need a new Thing X, buy one anyway! Buy two! Our economy is based almost 100% on buying stuff and not on making stuff anymore! If you don’t buy stuff you don’t really need, the whole thing will collapse!

  10. HA! I have been commenting about how the ads for this “event” have been making me want to jump out the window. I don’t feel like I watch that much television but I guess I have gotten lucky this week since I think the only ad that I remember is the inane Brown super hero cartoon ad. We also got a postcard in the mail.

    The scariest part of it all? My 11 year old daughter asked me today – “Can we go to the car sale at the mall this weekend?” I almost started crying. (Not really – but I did think that it might have been appropriate).

    More on topic – the other night there was a big thing on the local news (Newsplex?) about American Idol – and who was going to win. No more comments here or I will write a novel.

  11. Unrelatedly, do you suppose dollars to donuts really means the same thing it used to? It would depend on whether the average donut price is less than a dollar.

    That’s an easy bet to make now, since donuts are basically $0.50 apiece, but, yeah, when they were five cents apiece, that would have been a pretty serious bet, with that 20:1 spread. Now you’re really saying “the odds are two to one that I’m right,” very different from saying “the odds are twenty to one that I’m right.”

  12. There is also a lot of news/ads for locally-owned restaurants and retailers on TV, too. I find this practice equally obnoxious. Perhaps I should comment on there websites more often.

  13. I won’t buy from him. If the Dealership says “Brown.” That’s synonymous with ripoff. I grew up her in Cville hearing about all the negative crap he pulled to pump up his bottom line.

  14. i am similarly struck as to why the local tv news stations cover these events as if they qualify as “news” events — i dont see any justification in “reporting” about the event or from the event.

    but in response to the off topic comments criticizing the ads, i would like to note that all of the advertising for this campaign was done by a local Charlottesville business and these ads are unique — not your typical local car ad with a dude standing in the dealership’s lot.

    disclaimer: i have a conflict of interest since i admittedly enjoy the ads and like the dealership.

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