Graduation This Weekend

UVA graduation is this weekend, running from Saturday morning through late Sunday afternoon. Keep your distance from West Main and 29N.  #

5 Responses to “Graduation This Weekend”

  • Would you recommend skipping City Market Saturday morning then? That’s a shame.

  • Not a lot of grads at the City Market,

    My experience is that a lot of locals get scared away on graduation weekend and move-in weekend, but as long as you avoid 29 and the University area, you almost have much of the town to yourself.

    Of course, restaurants will be swamped.

  • I imagine that going to the market early—before 8 AM—will be totally fine. But I wouldn’t go any later. :)

  • Sucks to be me. I’ve got to work. And that involves driving in those areas.

  • well, i guess those videos aren’t gonna get returned on time…

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