Less Parking in Crozet

Crozet has lost their parking lot. Or most of it, at least.  #

2 Responses to “Less Parking in Crozet”

  • CuriousObserver says:

    This could end up being more of an opportunity than a problem. Crozet has been working on demotorizing and becoming more of a livable community for a little while now, and scaling back a few spaces is exactly the incremental improvement that could help this goal. The parking was being given away for free anyway, so there will be no loss in revenue. Perhaps the land could be used as a no-access rain garden to beautify the area and filter stormwater.

  • David Sewell says:


    Downtown Crozet has long been the local shopping area of first resort for a big chunk of western Albemarle County. Most of those folks can’t get there without a vehicle even if they would like to. The lot has been overcrowded and a mess for some time, but losing most of the spaces there is hardly the solution.

    Folks at the hardware store told us today that the business owners on the Square have a meeting with the railroad scheduled this afternoon, hopefully to come to a livable agreement on a way forward.

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