Conservatives Oppose Grade-Separated Interchanges on 29

Several BoS members and the head of the Chamber of Commerce are opposing the planned grade-separated interchanges on 29, Sean Tubbs writes for Charlottesville Tomorrow. There’s a five-year-old plan to improve traffic flow on 29 by having some intersections (Rio and Hydraulic, in particular) go under the highway, which is the only viable system that’s more efficient than traffic lights. The three most conservative members of the Board of Supervisors don’t like it, and neither does Timothy Hulbert. (This is why Lynchburg hates us.)

But none of this much matters anyway, because there’s no money for transportation, and no prospect of any money for years. Governor McDonnell’s plan for funding roads is to pay for them with income that will mystically come from allowing oil companies to drill off the coast of Virginia. Let’s not hold our breath waiting for that.

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