Newspapers Contest Order Sealing Murder Warrants

Newspapers are demanding that the city unseal the court order that sealed search warrants related to the death of Yeardley Love, Ted Strong writes for the Progress. Along with the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Washington Post, the Progress has filed a challenge in city court to the secret search warrant order. This is not a demand that the warrants be made public, but that the order sealing the warrants be unsealed, so that it’s possible to determine what the rationale was for sealing the warrants. (Progress publisher Lawrence McConnell is, not coincidentally, the president of the Virginia Coalition for Open Government, an organization that promotes sunshine laws and generally opposes this sort of thing.) The next step, presumably, is for the court to determine whether they agree with the petitioners, though it’s not clear to me what the likely timeline is for that.

Disclosure: I serve on the board of VCOG with McConnell.

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