5 thoughts on “No Emergency Sirens at UVA”

  1. “The university says they are currently being serviced and upgraded, but many students are left on edge.”
    many students on edge cuz of this – um I call BS

  2. I’m with perlogik. U.Va. has an extensive alert system via text message, email, and RSS that they test regularly. There’s no reason someone should be left on edge unless they haven’t signed up for the free service.

  3. I’m on edge as I am married to an older guy who works at UVa and sometimes wanders around without a cellphone or laptop!! Imagine that. Also, I am a mom of a hokie who was there at the time of the attack and it is April- yep some of us are NOT happy that the damn sirens have never worked. What on earth are the university’s priorities?

  4. Making money, usually. Read sometime what went on in the Va. Tech president’s office the day of the shooting. They spent a lot of time worrying about whether to postpone a big capital fundraising campaign. Meanwhile little was organized for the arriving parents, who came in a tsunami since the hospitals could not easily release info legally. In one case, an exasperated administrator asked a parent to ask his son over the phone how many other injured students he thought were at the hospital.

    By the way, I think it’s wrong to suggest the campus should have been locked down after the first shooting. It’s much too large, the equivalent of locking down a good half of Charlottesville. (The VT central campus is twice the size of all of UVa.) As usual, people picked on the coulda-shoulda, in maximum security posturing, instead of the more disturbing and real issues. The attitude of the top administrators afterward is eye-opening.

  5. FWIW, while the sirens don’t work, the loudspeakers for announcements do. Every time they test them, I hear the announcement come over the system. There’s a pretty strong stadium effect—it’s so echo-y that it’s tough to understand the words—but that does work.

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