7 thoughts on “Downtown Cameras Idea Resurfaces”

  1. Just the other day a UVa student came this close to being tossed out of school because he was recorded by a snoop camera on the corner saying something politically incorrect.

    What are those merchants doing recording the private conversations of passers-by and sharing them with authority? How long would it be before downtown merchants – who clearly care nothing about people’s privacy – want snoop-ability equal to what the corner has?

    IMO people who are willing to be under surveillance when they leave their home do not deserve the freedoms our constitution provides.

    They should be required to buy a one-way ticket to GB, the mother nation way ahead of us murdering privacy. The Brits have more than 4 million spy cameras, and more every day.

    Very useful for automatic writing and mailing of citations for not fetching your empty rubbish can soon enough on trash day.

    Rules are rules, especially to those who dream of enforcing rules. More than we might think have that dream. Tyranny, after all, is the guiding principle of one of the best selling books in the history of the United States, a book many swear by – the OT.

    Once upon a time nearly all Americans had a passion for privacy and independence. Now the majority of us are sheep, and that’s so sad.

  2. My guess is that the Downtown Mall Merchants would like to get this ball rolling before school lets out and the marauding bands of junior gangbangers start up their usual summer shenanigans mugging and assaulting people.

  3. Yeah, but that wasn’t on the Downtown Mall. They pushed for cameras when that started…but not in the locations where crime was taking place. It was a fig leaf.

  4. Yeah, the camera’s really should go where the actual crime is taking place.

    Fig leaves are pretty useless- I don’t even think there big enough to use as toilet paper. ;)

  5. Technically, Little Big Bro, the student got into trouble (“almost tossed” is hyperbole, I think — no threat of Honor charges, so on what grounds and by what mechanism was he almost tossed?) because he called a fellow student a n*gger repeatedly. The fact that his hateful speech was recorded by a security camera wasn’t the cause for the trouble he got into; it was the mechanism by which the real cause, which was calling a fellow student a n*gger repeatedly, was recorded and preserved.

  6. May you have cameras and microphones recording your every move and utterance so your happiness will be complete.

    Whatever happened to “sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me?”

    That’s how people with any self-respect behave. Now we are cursed with thin-skinned wimps, cowards, and whiners.

  7. While I agree that surveillance cameras suck, you can’t be serious regarding your kindergartenesque idiom about sticks and stones. You really don’t see a difference between someone getting called a poopiehead on the playground and the incident on the Corner? It’s the year 2010, not 1957. People with self-respect don’t allow themselves to be degraded in the street by ignorant racists, and according to our society’s “rules,” they don’t have to.
    There’s no way in hell that if you were the one in that situation, you would have turned to your aggressors and said “Nanny-nanny boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo,” or the like, because you know they would immediately beat you to sleep.

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