Dogwood Parade Saturday

The Dogwood Parade is Sunday Saturday, so expect closed roads downtown until early afternoon.  #

5 Responses to “Dogwood Parade Saturday”

  • I think you mean Saturday.

  • That’s going to majorly suck because the same day- April 24th – is also the Foxfield Races.

    Looks to be lots of road closures on Saturday. :(

  • Sunday is the new Saturday.

  • I can’t imagine why I wrote “Sunday,” but I’ve got that fixed now. Thanks!

  • For a long time, the Dogwood Parade and Foxfield have been on the same day. But they are so far away from one another that there would seem to be no problem.
    Lets hope this rain we got today(Wed.) is the last we’ll se until after the parade. Soggy Dogwood parades are no fun for anyone, whether participants or spectators, the latter of whose numbers doubtless drop if its rainy.
    Foxfield, it doesnt matter, because most of those people are already sloshed! LOL

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