Manhunt at Afton

Bajillions of cops are looking for a shooter on the Blue Ridge Parkway, lots of media outlets are reporting. They’re looking for a white male with long, gray hair driving a red sedan. He’s shot two people (possibly three, that’s not clear), both of whom are hospitalized at UVA. One of the victims is known to be an 18-year-old female; nothing more is known about the male victim. Based on the search that reporters have seen police conducting, they appear to believe, or have believed, that there’s a third victim that they need to find. Federal, state, and local police have closed the parkway between miles 0 and 13.

5:30pm Update: Courteney Stuart has a lot more information now. There are just two victims, the second being a 27-year-old male, Tim Davis, who is the host of WNRN’s “The Boombox” show using the name “DJ Prolapse.” The female victim’s brother says that they were shot in the back by a shotgun-wielding man in a car, out of the blue. The assailant got out of the car and pushed the two over the side of Rock Point Overlook, throwing rocks down on them. After he left the two for dead, the woman climbed back up and stopped a car, who helped. Davis is in critical condition, having fallen more than a hundred feet in addition to being shot. Police say they’re looking for a white guy in his fifties with long, gray hair.

5 thoughts on “Manhunt at Afton”

  1. Waldo,
    I just saw that NBC29 says they are not releasing the names of the victims “out of concern for their safety”- I realize the names are already out there but thought you should know anyhow.

  2. Holy crap – who is this woman that was shot in the back with a shotgun, fell over 100 feet down a cliff, had rocks thrown down onto her and then climbed back up to flag down a car? She must be cast out of steel or something.

  3. Speaking as a citizen and not as a journalist, I’m very glad I have the opportunity to pray for the health of someone I know.

  4. You are right danpri, that is one bada** Fluco. Sounds like he ran from her like a scared rabbbit, after she went after him. They ought to give her another shot at him, save the taxpayers money from incarcerating him for the rest of his life.

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