8 thoughts on “When Headlines Recurse”

  1. Two things I don’t understand. 1- why guys do this crap. And 2- why women scream when someone does this.

    I think if they’d laugh and point (and maybe say it looks like a toddler’s) it might have a more effective result.

    But I don’t know anything. So just ignore my comment.

  2. I was particularly amazed at the guy’s awkward escape. Meaning that he didn’t plan how he was going to flee. So I figure that, from his perspective, he was going to flash his junk, and she was going to say “hey, big boy, let’s go back to my place.” Which is pretty unbelievable.

  3. An act like his is a form of sexual assault, a threat if you will. If I am not mistaken experts in the field warn that acts like exposure of this nature, peeping Toms, lingerie theft often are a prelude to more violent behavior by these individuals.
    Though instead of screaming, it might be better for the victim to trip and stumble and spill a cup of scalding hot coffee.
    As for the headline, some years ago there was “Police Officers Shoot Bull”, a story about a male bovine that got loose on Seminole Trail and was killed.

  4. If I am not mistaken experts in the field warn that acts like facebooking or chatting obnoxiously on the mobile phone often are a prelude to involuntary vehicular manslaughter, or worse, selfish public behavior! Me thinks we aught to preemptively strike at those metrosexual dweebs!

  5. Chatting on a phone while driving, whether “obnoxiously” or not, I agree ought to be banned. Not just “metrosexual dweebs” do it- I have seen CTS(or is it CAT) drivers doing it!

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