10 thoughts on ““Man Dies in Washing Machine””

  1. Was it the reaction between the Urine and the Baking soda? Or the Urine and the Bleach? Or All three?

    I know Urine and bleach cause a sort of Mustard gas type of reaction, but I’d never heard of the Baking soda urine combo.

    Sounds like a fun home chemistry experiment!

  2. I first heard this urban legend several years ago on Mythbusters. Including the C’ville location.

    Killer Washing Machine: BUSTED
    The washing machine has a safety feature that prevents the spin cycle from hooking on into anything. The dog urine would not explode with the bleach or the detergent, so it was quickly busted.

  3. That actually really happened to me, but not in Charlottesville. It was Crozet. I died in Crozet.

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