USPS to Shutter Processing Facility

USPS Distribution Facility
The USPS Distribution Facility on Airport Rd.

The USPS is shutting down the Charlottesville mail processing facility, NBC 29 reports. They announced in August that they were going to conduct a study of whether they should scale it back, and then, to nobody’s surprise, announced in October that they’d be consolidating some services, but wouldn’t say the extent to which they’d be curtailing local services. (All of this after they’d built a new sorting facility in Sandston, east of Richmond, raising significant doubts as to whether they’d ever intended retain the C’ville location.) It turns out that they’re just going to shut it down entirely. Officially, there will be no layoffs, because the USPS will offer people jobs at this or another location; those who cannot sell their house in this market to move, or who won’t make the eighty-mile each-way commute through Richmond traffic, will be judged to have quit.

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