7 thoughts on “Amtrak Lot Getting Paved”

  1. Yes, but will it be leveled out first, or will they just pour asphalt over it, craters, weeds, and all?

  2. The “gimme something for nothing” crowd can find ways to be negative no matter what.

    Earlier poets might have brought up the imagery of curs biting the hand that feeds them, but today this is politically improper.

  3. who wants something for nothing? I’m I a cur for wanting not to have my front end aligned every time I go to the PUBLIC mass transit station? I pay federal and local taxes that help support the business in that train station. If it weren’t for the station I wouldn’t care if it was ever paved.

    If they want to charge for parking fine- it would probably kill the Wild Wings but that is Silverman right to do. As long as we have a reasonable place to pickup people from the station at no cost. Other than that charge whatever they think the market will bear.

    It is silly that this hasn’t been settled before this and it’s clearly Silverman’s fault that it has not.

  4. Hooray! I walk home past the lot every day and find that it’s sometimes impossible not get covered in or inhale dirt getting kicked up in air by vehicles driving through there. The James River Bus that ferries Amtrak customers up to DC peels in and out of there so quickly that the air doesn’t clear for a few minutes after it’s gone.

    I hope they improve signage, too. Some people pay, some people don’t. Some people leave cars there for weeks. I have to admit that I wouldn’t know how to pay for a spot there if I was driving in to take the Amtrak train.

  5. “PUBLIC mass transit station” NOT.
    “The James River Bus that ferries Amtrak customers up to DC peels in and out of there so quickly” Sounds to me they need more pot holes, not fewer. I wonder how many of the restaurant goers will not get run over.

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