4 thoughts on “New Bridges on the Rivanna Trail”

  1. Actually, this is not the Rivanna Trail. It’s a trail in the county on the other (east) side of the river from the Rivanna Trail.

    While I’m on the correction kick, this expands the Albemarle County network of trails, not the city’s.

    All of this is explained in the article, if you want more details.

  2. Thanks. I was on morphine while writing this, and I’m on even more now so…uh…I’ll just leave it as it is, because the prospect of trying to fix it makes my brain hurt.

    I’m going to go stare at the wall for a while.

  3. As long as I’m on morphine, I expect. I left work this afternoon after I kept getting confused about where I was and how I got there. Morphine is really unpleasant. I hope not to ever have to be on it again.

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