Halsey Minor Foreclosure Sale Isn’t All That

The Bubble Blog explains that the Halsey Minor / Fox Ridge auction isn’t what it looks like.  #

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  • Rupert Murdock says:

    Seems to me a disservice to the news industry to cite anonymous blogs written by people with a quirky, uninformed outlook. Citing this gal or guy’s blog is like endorsing the C-ville Rant page as a source of information.

    If something said here is true, as this is, for sure it’s just as available from a reliable source.

  • The author is more informed than me, which isn’t saying much, but it’s enough to be helpful to me. :) The C-Ville Weekly “Rant” page, whether by design or by evolution, caters to the worst emotions and the crassest behavior in everybody. The author of the C’ville Bubble Blog, while anonymous, has that anonymous reputation to maintain, and is not well served by saying things that are not true. In the case of this blog entry, he asserts a) that the auction has been rescheduled b) that the purpose of the auction is not to sell the property but for the note-holder to assert their rights over the property and c) that the media like this story because it fits into the narrative that Halsey Minor is broke, but that they don’t have the experience in real estate to know that this auction doesn’t mean what it looks like.

    Now, I know that part A is true, because I verified it. I cannot know that part B is true, because it requires a knowledge that neither I nor (I expect) any local reporter possesses about the real estate auction process. Part C is premised on part B, but as a ostensible member of the group described in part C, I know it’s true in my case. So the only problem here is relying on the author’s understanding of auctions but, inherently, it cannot be confirmed by an existing media account, since that’s the point of the blog entry. Luckily, I’ve been reading the C’ville Bubble Blog long enough to trust the author’s experience in this sort of a matter to believe that he’s correct in his assertion.

    I trust that readers of cvillenews.com are not stupid. They’re involved consumers of news who are looking to find out more than is provided by local media outlets, to go beyond what fits within the column inches, whether in discussing issues to tricky to get into in an article or by getting more details. As a blog, if anybody has reason to think that the information that I’ve provided (or linked to) is inaccurate, anybody is free to correct it. If you have cause to believe that the information within the linked blog entry is wrong, I hope you’ll say something!

  • Rupert Murdock says:

    Whether we like it or no, the perception is that when one blog cites another, it’s more than a reference: it’s an endorsement.

    Waldo could have gotten the facts from the Prog but he believes this iconoclastic interpretation from someone hiding behind anonymity, so he cites that, thereby endorsing the blog.

    Anonymous comments are one thing, but an anonymous blog writer? That crosses the line to irresponsibility, and nothing can change that. You can do it; you can like it; you can defend it. It will forever remain irresponsible.

  • Harry Landers says:

    Anonymous comments are one thing, but an anonymous blog writer? That crosses the line to irresponsibility, and nothing can change that.

    I guess we all draw our lines somewhere. I’m not too excited about anonymous comments, myself, which is why I use my real name when I comment. Reminds me of the old saw about the definition of a crazy person being someone who has one more cat than you do.

  • Jimmy John says:

    I can’t take seriously anyone that chooses the name of an Australian media magnet as his (or her) handle for a blog comment.

  • the boss of me says:

    I refuse to take seriously anyone who doesn’t choose the name of a mediocre sub shop as his (or her) handle for a blog comment! Note, “the boss of me” is in fact an anagram derived from the name of just such an establishment. That’s also true of the handle “Waldo Jaquith” from what I’ve been told by an often reliable source.

  • I wish “Waldo Jaquith” were an anagram for something. Every few years I try one more time—I’ve got nothin’.

  • Sean Tubbs says:

    “Quail Jaw Doth” was an obscure character in one of the Star Wars movies.

  • the boss of me says:

    Waldo Jaquith not anagramable!?! So much for trusting an ancient Aztec spirit from the 7th dimension. It’s so hard to find someone reliable to channel these days…

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