3 thoughts on “Seminole Square Regal May Move”

  1. It’s my understanding (I work in the local movie-theater business) that Regal badly wants a monopoly on Charlottesville. If they can manage to build a fancy newfangled 10-plex, it will handily put the shoddy and run-down Carmike 6 out of business, leaving a single remaining Charlottesville screen not owned by the Regal. They want this entire market and they piss and moan to the distributors about every single little film that they don’t get “first dibs” on in their theaters … I’ve often heard it said that this is why their money-losing Downtown Regal 6 operations remains in business.

  2. I don’t like monopolies, in principle, but am I a bad person for saying I’d really like a really nice, comfortable, up-to-date movie theater? because they charge the same insane prices whether it’s the shoddy/run-down Carmike or the newest fanciest multiplex in Richmond, and if I’m paying that much anyway…is it too much to ask?

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