Photos of Snowpocalypse 2009

Lots of great photographs of the weekend’s snowstorm are circulating online, which are great for those of us still snowbound (which is to say, most of us) who want to know what the outside world looks like. Here’s a slideshow of some of them:

You can add your own Flickr photos to this slideshow by tagging them with “charlottesville” and “snowpocalypse.”

(Via Jim Duncan)

One thought on “Photos of Snowpocalypse 2009”

  1. Okay I first saw the word “Snowpocalypse” here at

    the Hook used it and linked to their photo slide show instead of the origination of the word which should be this post.

    I am calling foul.

    The hook has traditionally been bad about giving credit where credit was due.

    This seems to be no exception.

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